One day at a Time

Usually, this time of year, I have already cleaned up my vegetable garden and flower beds in preparation for fall.

Only this fall,  life has given us a new schedule.
My Dad, Sisters and I are staying at the hospital as much as we can.  All of us have had to return to work, but we are making a point for one of us to be with Mom during the day.  Every day.  We want her to know we love her and want her to get better.  Strokes have their own healing schedule and we have to accept that fact of recovery.  I’m not very patient.  I want her better–yesterday.

Today was my day to stay home.   I decided to make this a dirt therapy day.    I needed to do mundane chores like roll up soaker hoses and dead head flowers.   Eight hours later, I had cleaned up most of the garden, planted winter wheat as a cover crop, and prepared a spot for my first garlic bed.

Future garlic bed
Although it was a long therapy day, it was  cool outside and the fresh air was healing for my spirit.  I am also lucky to have some fur therapy as well and Annie and Daisy stayed with me the entire day.
“I’ll be in the corn if you need me”
Annie is always available for consultation
If I gaged my success of therapy by how dirty I get, I would say today was pretty successful.
Cuff full of dirt
and a hole in my glove
If I was 19, and you told me that in 30 years I would be working in the dirt to clear my mind, I would’ve called you crazy.  But, right now, it makes perfect sense to me.