Hummers and Bummers

The Good News:  Hot weather brings hummingbirds!

Not to sound like Cliff Clavin but did you know that a hummingbird’s heart beats up to 1,260 times per minute? That it weighs as much as a penny?  That they also eat small bugs?

It’s also a little known fact that a hummingbird will visit an average of 1,000 flowers per day for nectar.  Yep.  Pretty amazing little birds.

Hummer abode
This is a hummingbird house.  I had never heard of them before.  The cute little old man who sold me this told me his hummingbirds fight to build a nest in this house.  So far, my birds have not given it a second look.  But I liked the looks of it and he was so darn cute.
I can also use it as a Christmas ornament so all is well.
The Bad News:  The grasshoppers are still abundant and have invited friends and family to join them.
Bronze fennel before grasshoppers                                      Bronze fennel after grasshoppers
Peach tree before grasshoppers                                            Peach tree after grasshoppers
As my friend says, “It is what it is”.  I can’t undo the damage or control the elements.  I won’t starve.  My children won’t starve.  Everything will be fine…eventually.
I do feel better knowing that, in my presence, I have a fearless ally.  The protector of the crops. The guardian of the veggies. The defender of all things edible.
Magnum P.I.
Where’s my Ferrari?